Big Brands Rely on Node for APIs

The ubiquity of mobile devices along with the emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) is driving a huge need for APIs that can connect devices to data. It should come as no surprise that Node has emerged as the technology of choice for creating these APIs given the speed in which you can develop them. You shouldn’t think of Node as a technology being adopted by just startups and cutting edge tech companies. Traditional companies in virtually all verticals are running Node in production or hiring engineers with Node skills to develop new projects. Check out the infographic below to get familiar with just how popular Node is and the big brands relying on it.

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Stats used in this infographic were taken in July 2014.

Node is more popular than ever!

  • Five years after its debut, Node is the third most popular project on GitHub
  • Over 2 million downloads per month
  • Over 20 million downloads of v0.10x
  • Over 81,000 modules on npm
  • Over 475 Meetups worldwide talking about Node

Node developers are in the driver’s seat!

Companies are rapidly hiring Node developers and the job growth proves it.

node.js, ruby, java, scala, objective-c Job Trends graph


Node is a popular Google search!

Developers are increasingly looking to learn more about Node.


Source: Google Trends

Node is good for…

  • APIs: the “glue” that connects devices and apps to data and services
  • Mobile: backends, full-stack JavaScript and hybrid apps
  • Internet of Things (IoT): network connected embedded devices and sensors
  • Web: HTTP servers and single-page apps

StrongLoop is the biggest contributor to the upcoming Node v0.12 release

According to GitHub, StrongLoop founders Ben Noordhuis and Bert Belder, along with engineers Miroslav Bajtos, Sam RobertsRyan Graham and Raymond Feng made over 420 commits comprising a total contribution of almost 630,000 lines of code to the upcoming v0.12 release. These contributions made StrongLoop the largest individual and corporate contributor to v0.12.