Try StrongLoop on IBM Cloud for Free

StrongLoop is excited to have partnered with IBM to offer a free 30-day trial of the StrongLoop API Platform on the IBM Cloud.

Built on top of the open source LoopBack framework, the StrongLoop API Platform is the first end-to-end platform for the full API lifecycle that allows you to visually develop REST APIs in Node and get them connected to new and legacy data. In addition, the API Platform features built-in mBaaS features like push and offline sync, plus graphical tools with DevOps features for clustering, profiling and monitoring Node apps.

The IBM Cloud gives you more ways to customize your cloud with one powerful API, seamless provisioning and management plus complete control of your cloud unlike other clouds. Login and select your operating system to get started!

Get Started

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Register for a StrongLoop account

Step Two

Log into (if you already aren’t already) then select your operating system below:

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  • StrongLoop documentation is here.
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