At StrongLoop, supporting the Node community is a vital ingredient to our success. It’s important for us to do our part in contributing back code plus supporting the individuals, organizations and events that make Node the fastest growing developer community in the world.


Visit our Community Forums to join the conversation, get answers to your toughest questions from other members, and find out how others are making the most of Node, LoopBack and API Connect.

Meetups and Conferences

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StrongLoop and IBM have been proud sponsors of the following events…



Open Source

Check out some of the open source projects and modules we help maintain…

  • Node.js – StrongLoop and IBM are large contributors to the Node core
  • Express – a web application framework for Node
  • libuv – StrongLoop has authored much of the this cross-platform, asynchronous I/O for Node library
  • Node Inspector – Chrome-based debugging for Node apps
  • LoopBack – a Node powered, open source API framework
  • strong-pm – a process manager for Node
  • http-proxy – a websockets load balancer
  • node-soap – a SOAP client and server for Node
  • node-oracle – a Node driver to connect to an Oracle database
  • sinopia – a private npm repository server
  • node-heapdump – utility for memory heap capture and analysis
  • node-profiler – access to V8 profiler from Node