StrongLoop is proud to support these upcoming Node.js, API Development, and Integration Events. The StrongLoop team sponsors, speaks at, or hosts a booth at these conferences, webinars and meetups.

Denver/Boulder NodeJS Meetup

WHERE: Denver, CO
WHEN: August 16, 2018
TOPIC: 3 Reasons Promises Beat Async/Await

Sponsored. This is a group for anyone who is currently using or interested in knowing more about Node.js and JavaScript. A great place to meet, interact, and learn with other developers, designers, managers, and like-minded individuals.

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API Craft Singapore

WHERE: Singapore
WHEN: August 30, 2018
TOPIC: Building Cloud-Native APIs and Microservices

Sponsored. You will learn:
- Why container based development is important in building APIs, and in providing scalability and resiliency
- Building APIs on cloud: cloud-native microservices
- Using LoopBack to create cloud native APIs

The focus is to help API providers to build scalable and resilient API, especially if you are looking at building public APIs that has unpredictable subscription.

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IT Roadmap Atlanta

WHERE: Atlanta, GA
WHEN: Sept 12, 2018
TOPIC: Powering the Agile Enterprise


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WHERE: Denver, CO
WHEN: September 24-26
- Turning External Services to Internal APIs (Chris Phillips, IBM)
- GraphQL for the Enterprise: Exploiting Your REST API Inventory to Create Better User Experiences (Jim Laredo & Erik Wittern, IBM Research)
- Generating Product-Quality SDKs and API Reference Documentation (Michael Kistler, IBM)
- Go Full Throttle: The Essentials of Throttling in Your API or MicroService Architecture (Chris Phillips, IBM)

Hosted by the OpenAPI Initiative, the API Strategy & Practice Conference, APIStrat, is focused on the API economy. The ninth edition of the conference will bring together everyone – from the API curious to today’s leaders – to discuss opportunities and challenges in the API space. APIStrat sparks conversations between API providers and API consumers, startups and enterprise, developers and architects, and all types of integrators.

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The Sacramento JavaScript Meetup

WHERE: Sacramento, CA
WHEN: Sept 25, 2018

Sponsored. SacJS isn't just about teaching Javascript, jQuery, new APIs, NodeJS, or micro-controllers. Its about people. We want you to come hang out and meet new people, learn new things. That cool thing you just learned about or launched at work? Come teach us about it!

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LNUG - London Node User Group Meetup

WHERE: London, UK
WHEN: Oct 24, 2018
TOPIC: Dockerizing JavaScript Applications

Sponsored. A friendly monthly meetup for people using Node.js for fun or profit.

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