LoopBack: an Open Source mBaaS based on Node.js

Date: September 26, 2013 – 10 AM Pacific

Join us for a technical webinar with Al Tsang, CTO and co-founder of StrongLoop for a deep dive into LoopBack, an open source mobile Backend-as-a-Service (mBaaS) based on Node.js, deployable either in the datacenter or in the cloud.

In this presentation Al will walk you through a quickstart in which he’ll demonstrate:

    • Installing and deploying a sample app on LoopBack
    • Working with data from the mobile SDK (iOS)
    • Working with Enterprise data – Oracle
    • Extending LoopBack with userland npm modules
    • Installing and deploying a sample app on LoopBack
    • Making functionality available to the client, but with execution on the server
    • Scaling and clustering LoopBack
    • Monitoring LoopBack with StrongOps

LoopBack was developed after many Enterprises’, along with StrongLoop, saw that the majority of mobile backend services assumed no legacy data existed. This meant that the application’s data would end up locked up in their cloud. LoopBack leverages the accessibility of JavaScript and the power of the Node.js community’s contributions, so that developers can easily connect their devices to data, whether it exists in the cloud or behind the corporate firewall.

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