Valeri Karpov

Valeri Karpov is a NodeJS Engineer at MongoDB, where he focuses on maintaining the popular Mongoose ODM. He’s also a Hacker in Residence at Bookalokal, the author of Professional AngularJS, and gave the MEAN stack its name. He blogs about JavaScript, nutrition, coffee, and other loosely related topics at

Blog posts by Valeri Karpov

Write Your Own Co Using ES2015 Generators

Feb 1, 2016

Note: This blog post is also available at IBM DeveloperWorks. ES2015 is now officially the new JavaScript language standard, and it is packed with sweet new features. One feature that I’m particularly excited about is ​generators​. At a high leve... More

3 Neat Tricks with npm run

Jan 13, 2016

Note: This blog post is also available at IBM DeveloperWorks. Most Node.js developers use npm as a package manager. However, npm is also a powerful task runner that can serve as a replacement for gulp. The `npm run` command lets you define custom... More

Part 4: Ionic & LoopBack Frameworks – Testing with Travis

Nov 10, 2015

In the first three articles in this series, you built a simple mobile app and server using the Ionic Framework and StrongLoop LoopBack. In this article, you’ll learn about one key advantage of building mobile apps with Ionic: access to the JavaScr... More

Part 3: Ionic & LoopBack Frameworks – Building the Ionic App

Oct 6, 2015

In the first two articles in this series, you built a REST API using StrongLoop LoopBack and several AngularJS directives that use your API via the LoopBack AngularJS SDK. With these two components, you’ve done most of the work of building a hybri... More

Part 2: Ionic & LoopBack Frameworks – Directives with the AngularJS LoopBack SDK

Sep 9, 2015

In the first article in this series, you built out a simple REST API for tracking times using StrongLoop LoopBack. The REST API enabled you to login using Facebook OAuth and save times recorded by a stopwatch. In order to make this API useful, you... More

Part 1: Ionic & LoopBack Frameworks – Building a REST API

Aug 10, 2015

I have a confession: I hate native mobile development. Most of the reason why I started working with NodeJS was my struggles with managing mobile app development for a small startup in 2012. Back then, native mobile development struggled with pain... More

How-to Test Client-Side JavaScript with Karma

May 6, 2015

I have often quipped that if I were stuck on a desert island with only one npm module, I’d choose karma. The one place where you can’t avoid using JavaScript is in the browser. Even Dart needs to be transpiled to JavaScript to work on browsers oth... More

Testing and Documenting Node.js APIs with Mocha and Acquit

Mar 11, 2015

When people build REST APIs with Express, testing and documentation are often an afterthought. The situation with testing your documentation is often even worse. When’s the last time you built an automated testing system for your documentation’s e... More

Building Better npm Modules with Travis and Coveralls

Feb 11, 2015

Part of what makes Node.js so great is the wide variety of high-quality modules available on npm. But, way too many modules don’t take advantage of testing tools like Travis and Coveralls. Travis is a lightweight continuous integration tool that r... More