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LoopBack 4 August 2018 Milestone Update

Aug 29, 2018

As August, the last full month of summer, comes to an end so does our August milestone. This was a busy month in which the general focus was on addressing feedback from early adopters of LoopBack 4 and features considered essential for General Ava... More

Welcoming Model and Datasource Commands to LB4 CLI

Aug 22, 2018

LoopBack 4 is the biggest change to the framework since it was first created. Along with it comes a brand new CLI tool @loopback/cli, which makes it easy for developers to scaffold applications and create artifacts such as controllers for LoopBack... More

My Firsts at NodeSummit 2018

Aug 16, 2018

During the week of July 23-27, I experienced several firsts at NodeSummit. It was my first ever NodeSummit as both an attendee and a speaker (I delivered a talk on The Art of Composability and Extensibility: Crafting a Foundation for Node.js Fram... More

LoopBack Doc Search Powered by Watson

May 30, 2018

When you have over a 1000 pages of documentation, it becomes a necessity to be able to search the documentation effectively to find relevant content. With this in mind, we’ve recently changed to powering LoopBack documentation search with IBM Wats... More

LoopBack 4 March 2018 Milestone Update

Apr 1, 2018

With spring in the air, we’ve been hard at work gearing up for a new major release of LoopBack 4, which we’ve dubbed the “Developer Preview 2”. The team has been focusing on the items needed for this release in the March Milestone. You can also se... More

Introducing @loopback/boot for LoopBack 4

Mar 14, 2018

A LoopBack 4 Application is made up of many different artifacts such as controllers, repositories, models, datasources, and so on. LoopBack 4 uses Dependency Injection to resolve dependencies on related models so your application can work as expec... More

Writing LoopBack 4 Extensions

Nov 30, 2017

The LoopBack 4 Developer Preview #1 release is primarily targeted at extension developers. With this preview release, extension developers can start writing extensions for LoopBack 4. With LoopBack 4 being a complete rewrite from the ground up, ex... More