Shubhra Kar

An accomplished J2EE and Node technologist with extensive global expertise as an architect, management consultant and product manager. Focused on emerging tech, for over 15 years and across three continents, he has built and delivered successful solutions with Fortune 500 corporations, helping them bridge the gap between business and IT.

Blog posts by Shubhra Kar

How To: Build Xamarin Apps with Node.js REST APIs and SQL Server

Aug 5, 2015

Ever wonder what the backend for your Xamarin App should be? As a .Net developer who was asked to build mobile apps, I have gravitated to Xamarin and found it to be excellent platform to build, monitor and test my cross platform mobile app. But, I... More

Node.js API Tip: GeoLocation

Oct 3, 2014

In the rapidly evolving data analytics space that is driving renewed IT and marketing spend, one of the key metrics is end user tracking is… Who are you (Identity)? What are you entitled to (Access)? How are you (Wellness)? Which t... More

How to Deploy a Node.js REST API Server on Red Hat’s OpenShift

Sep 3, 2014

The world is moving toward the cloud—both public and private clouds—and infrastructure demands are giving rise to a new generation of integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) API servers which specifically handle this use case with the added dime... More

Node.js API Tip: Offline Sync and Replication

Aug 26, 2014

Mobile technologies have radically changed our personal lives and are now doing the same in the workplace—perhaps not as rapidly as many of us would like! Not every office looks like this, although at times we might feel this way. Many of us no... More

Node.js API Tip: Model Driven Development

Jul 14, 2014

Today’s tip focuses on APIs – which just so happen to be the primary use case for Node.js!  APIs are driving the new frontedge – inclusive of mobile, tablets, wearables, web browsers, sensors, et al by providing rich backend d... More

Node.js Performance Tip of the Week: Managing Garbage Collection

Jun 25, 2014

Please note that as of Aug 3, 2015, StrongOps has been EOL’d. In our last weekly performance tip, we discussed in detail how the Node.js event-loop works as the orchestrator of requests, events and callbacks. We also troubleshot a b... More

Node.js Performance Tip of the Week: Scaling with Proxies and Clusters

May 16, 2014

Please note that as of Aug 3, 2015, StrongOps has been EOL’d. In last week’s performance tip, we discussed in detail how to diagnose application performance bottlenecks using CPU profiling on Node.js applications. In this go around we look at sca... More

Mobile App Development with Full-Stack Javascript (part 1 of 4)

Dec 12, 2013

In this four part blog series, we talk about mobile application development using JavaScript on both front end and backend as a true platform. Although this concept of full-stack JavaScript is not new, there are limited reference implementations o... More