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Build REST APIs for CRUD operations from a model without coding

Apr 22, 2020

As LoopBack 3 is expected to reach its EOL by the end of this year, we have been working hard to achieve feature parity between LoopBack 3 and LoopBack 4. One feature of LoopBack 3 that we did not have in LoopBack 4 yet was the ability to go direc... More

LoopBack 4 June 2019 Milestone Update

Jul 9, 2019

As the temperature gets warmer the LoopBack team is spending this summer releasing hot deliverables. In June we focused on various enhancements such as releasing version 2.0.0 of @loopback/build, replacing strong-docs, and improving @loopback/test... More

Migrating from LoopBack 3 to LoopBack 4

Jun 12, 2019

Following the announcement of LoopBack 4 GA in October, LoopBack 3 entered Active Long Term Support (LTS). In March, we announced that LoopBack 3 will receive extended LTS until December 2019. We made this choice to provide LoopBack 3 users more ... More

LoopBack 4 February 2019 Milestone Update

Mar 6, 2019

It feels like 2019 just started, but we are somehow already in March. February flew by, but while the month was short, the list of things the LoopBack team accomplished in the month was the opposite. In February, we tackled authentication and auth... More

LoopBack 4 November 2018 Milestone Update

Dec 5, 2018

With winter approaching, daylight hours have been decreasing, but the LoopBack team’s productivity has not. After we published the General Availability (GA) release, the team started to focus on user adoption and fixing up documentation to accomod... More