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Deploying LoopBack mBaaS on Amazon EC2

Nov 21, 2013

MBaaS experience without the lock-in or cost StrongLoop distro has been supported on the Amazon Marketplace since the July 1.1 release; so it’s no surprise that the new StrongLoop Suite (StrongNode, StrongOps and LoopBack) is ready to be used out... More

Connecting LoopBack to Data sources on Rackspace, Part 1 of 3: Connecting to MongoDB with ObjectRocket

Nov 21, 2013

  MongoDB and LoopBack Node on Rackspace Data brings mobile applications to life and MongoDB is often a preferred choice for mobile first data. MongoDB’s powerful document-oriented database combined with Rackspace’s MongoDB as a service pl... More

Using a Digital Ocean Droplet for On Demand Node.js Mobile Backend

Oct 30, 2013

The tagline “Digital Ocean provides blazing fast SSD cloud servers at only $5/month” does not do Cloud provider Digital Ocean justice. In addition to the performance of the server instance (a droplet in Digital Ocean lingo), Digital Ocean has b... More

Node.js Performance Monitoring for your Ghost Blog

Oct 23, 2013

Recently the kickstarter funded Node.js blogging platform Ghost launched to the public. I immediately picked a provider and stood up this Node.js powered Ghost blog. Then I started to wonder how Ghost and Node.js would perform under load. How doe... More

Deploying LoopBack mBaaS on Rackspace

Sep 17, 2013

Fanatical Support Meets Strong Node Fanatical Support has made Rackspace the leader in enterprise hosting. The Fanatical Support mantra, support for open source products, and strong SLA has made them the preferred vendor for IT ops in companies ... More

Deploying LoopBack mBaaS on Cloud Foundry

Sep 17, 2013

Getting Started with LoopBack on Cloud Foundry Most mobile developers want to focus on the front-end of their apps and not get caught up in having to figure out how to write a backend, connect it to data sources or worse how to manage and scale... More

Deploy a Private npm Registry Without CouchDB or Redis

Jul 23, 2013

npm is one of the most important and powerful features of Node.js. It allows you to share features and code as modules with other developers in the Node community. However, often teams want to pull Node modules from a local or private npm registry... More