Jordan Kasper

Former StrongLoop developer evangelist. I like to tinker and teach. You’ll find me floating around online on Stack Overflow, Twitter, and on IRC as “jakerella”.

Blog posts by Jordan Kasper

JavaScript ES6 Variable Declarations with let and const

Mar 17, 2015

Everyone in the JavaScript world is talking about ECMAScript 6 (ES6, a.k.a. ES 2015) and the big changes coming to objects (class, super(), etc.), functions (default params, etc.), and modules (import/export), but less attention is being given to ... More

Two-Factor Authentication with LoopBack

Mar 3, 2015

Before I get into the code and walk you through it, I wanted to talk about my motivation for this post. I recently spoke at the Confoo developer conference in Montreal. If you haven’t been, it’s a whirlwind of new technologies, complex data theori... More