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Using Streaming Chunked HTML to Get Node.js to Deliver More Data

Apr 23, 2014

One of the main draws to Node.js is its ability to respond efficiently to a large number of requests, but users of your app don’t care how much you’re squeezing out of a single core. They want stuff to show up. Now. BigPipe A few years ago, Face... More

Beyond Node.js Express: An Intro to Koa.js and a Preview of Zones

Apr 11, 2014

In late 2013, the team behind Express.js announced a new framework called Koa. It uses some features that require an unstable dev version of Node, but in this post I’ll show you how easy it is give it a try both locally and on Heroku. Before We... More

Using Node.js for Static Sites: Jade

Nov 27, 2013

Node.js made its big splash in the web world with the promise of high scalability via asynchrony and the dream of using one scripting language for your web app from front to back. In the past year it found another avenue into the mainstream of the... More

Using Express.js for APIs

Sep 4, 2013

A few tips and libraries for creating and documenting RESTful APIs with Express.js. See a simple example app that incorporates some of these ideas. Two things really got me sucked into Express when I first started using it: Jade and Stylus. I can... More

Monitoring and Stress Testing Node.js Apps

Jul 10, 2013

Editor’s Note: The NodeFly app is tested below. Note that StrongLoop has integrated and expanded this monitoring application as StrongAgent. Read all about it in our _Getting Started _page for the most current instructions.__ In our previous post... More

Comparing Node.js Support on PaaS Hosting Providers

Jun 24, 2013

As of May 2013 Node.js may still be young relative to its other language counterparts, but when it comes to hosting, there are a lot of options. In this post we’ll take a look at several “Platform as a Service” providers. I’m not including “In... More

How to Test an API with Node.js

May 1, 2013

Editor’s note: This blog post from May 2013 has been updated with current information. Testing an API with Node.js is dead simple. You can quickly write tests for any API, regardless of its language. [Note: You can get all the code examples used... More