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LoopBack 4 May 2019 Milestone Update

Jun 5, 2019

As the weather starts to warm up for summer, the LoopBack team has turned up the heat on the milestone tasks we planned for the month of May and beyond. We worked on areas such as: Improving our documentation pages and API documentation. Giv... More

LoopBack 4 January 2019 Milestone Update

Feb 6, 2019

We’re one month into the new year! While the team had some time off extending into January, we still managed to work and spike on authentication, migration from LB3, user adoption, extensibility, and documentation. Read more to find out how it all... More

LoopBack 4 October 2018 Milestone Update

Nov 8, 2018

As the fall season kicked into full gear, the LoopBack team was busy! We wrapped up items planned for our General Availability (GA) release and published the release on Wednesday, October 10th. On top of that, the team completed a number of stretc... More

LoopBack 4 Model Relations Preview

Jul 25, 2018

Often times, LoopBack models are used to represent real life entities. As such, LoopBack is able to understand how those entities interact with each other with its concepts of relations. While this feature is alive and well in LoopBack 3, LoopBack... More

LoopBack 4 April 2018 Milestone Update

May 8, 2018

In April, our team was focused on delivering “Developer Preview 2” and conducting spikes which help us shape features in LoopBack 4 and create backlog tasks for our next release. Getting Developer Preview 2 successfully out the door took up our fi... More

LoopBack 4 Dropping Support for Node.js 6

Feb 28, 2018

Our goal with the next version of LoopBack is to use cutting-edge features and tooling from the Node.js ecosystem. Node.js 6.x will be entering maintenance mode this April, and requires us to provide hacks and polyfills to maintain compatibility, ... More