Alan Cha

Alan Cha is a new hire software engineer at IBM Research, focusing on building tools for APIs and new API technologies. During his previous internships, he worked on projects like API Harmony a service to find, learn about, and use APIs, and OASGraph, a library to generate in memory wrappers for REST(-like) APIs. Outside of work, he tries to find time for his hobbies which range from growing carnivorous plants to Chinese lion dancing and instant photography to origami.

Blog posts by Alan Cha

The OASGraph Journey - "How Can We Make GraphQL More Accessible?"

Oct 30, 2018

OASGraph (git, npm library, npm CLI) began with a simple idea. In response to the quickly growing popularity of GraphQL, we wondered: “How can we make GraphQL more accessible?” Now, that dream is a reality with the release of OASGraph, a tool that... More

Announcing OASGraph - a GraphQL Wrapper for REST APIs

Sep 24, 2018

IBM Research and the LoopBack team are happy to announce the release of OASGraph (git,npm library, npm CLI) to the Open Source community. OASGraph is a software package that is written in TypeScript. It creates a fully functional GraphQL wrapper f... More