Al Tsang

Al Tsang is a Co-Founder and former Chief Technology Officer of StrongLoop where led overall product direction and development.

Blog posts by Al Tsang

What the IBM Acquisition Means for the LoopBack and Express Communities

Sep 10, 2015

TL;DR With today’s big announcement, one of the burning questions on a lot of people’s minds is… “What is going to happen to the LoopBack and Express projects?” I’m writing this blog to answer that question as a co-founder and CTO here at Stron... More

Introducing the Xamarin SDK for LoopBack

Aug 5, 2015

When we started the open source LoopBack project two years ago, we knew that its use would be fueled by the needs of mobile solutions. We were a very small team and only able to develop for iOS, Android, and AngularJS. Although we were keenly inte... More

An Update on the LoopBack Roadmap and Backlog

Feb 18, 2015

It’s no surprise that here at StrongLoop we develop our software using agile methodologies, most notably scrum.  Building a next-generation API platform means we have to iterate quickly, change direction just as quickly, and re-prioritize... More

Announcing the Open Source Node.js LoopBack API Gateway

Oct 9, 2014

Note: Since the publication of this blog, the StrongLoop API Gateway was relaunched on August 5, 2015. Read this announcement blog to learn more about the latest version. This morning, we released the open-source version of the LoopBack API Gatew... More

API’s Lack Conventions and Standards – Two Perspectives on Solutions

Feb 12, 2014

I just came back from Apps World 2014, having attended most of the sessions on the API Strategies track among others.  Apps World covers a wide spectrum of technical topics from mobile front-end development using HTML5 to back-end API development ... More

Why the Enterprise needs an API Tier built in Node.js

Jan 29, 2014

Background Many enterprises started as small companies that adopted business process automation systems to help scale their operations.  Back in the 1980s and ’90s, such systems were typically custom-built, since little “off the shelf” enterprise... More

Using StrongLoop to Overcome Challenges with Connecting Mobile Apps to Data

Dec 11, 2013

Developers are well aware of the challenges presented by the diversity of mobile devices; but the diversity of backend systems presents equal challenges. Not only are there many different kinds of back end systems and data stores, but application ... More

Announcing StrongNode 1.0.2 GA – Maintenance Release

Jun 17, 2013

NOTE: StrongNode is no longer available. We recommend API Connect for building APIs. StrongNode 1.0.2 Maintenance Release is now available for Windows, Linux and MacOS X. It comes packaged with the latest and greatest, Node.js v0.10.11 (Stable). ... More

Announcing StrongNode 1.0 GA – an Enterprise Ready Node.js Distribution

May 22, 2013

NOTE: StrongNode is no longer available. We recommend API Connect for building APIs. Back in March we first announced the availability of StrongNode, our commercially supported distribution of Node.js based on v0.10. After three Beta releases, lo... More