StrongLoop was founded at the end of 2012 in the San Francisco Bay Area. In March of 2013, StrongLoop introduced a Node.js distribution with enterprise support. At our launch, we announced our intention to embrace the community Node distribution and add features to improve enterprise adoption. We followed up with LoopBack, our open-source Node.js framework, and then StrongLoop Arc, a graphical tool for creating LoopBack apps and running, managing, and monitoring Node applications.

Over the next couple of years we continued to refine our solutions while nurturing our relationship with the Node.js community at meetups, hackathons, and conferences. We explained our various solutions while listening to invaluable feedback to improve them. We also shared informative tutorials, how to's, and overviews in our StrongBlog. This helped us use our solutions more effectively, and generally use Node.js and JavaScript more effectively. Much of the blog content struck a positive note with our developer audience, and continues to find an audience.

In September 2015, IBM acquired StrongLoop. This enabled us to innovate more quickly and increase our global market reach and customer support. Within months, we introduced the world to API Connect to enable companies to enter the API economy more easily. We established a one year end-of-life plan for Arc as we moved its features into API Connect and other products. We re-established our commitment to LoopBack as an open-source framework, re-invigorating its documentation and continuing to add features. And, of course, releasing our latest version, LoopBack 4.

Throughout these developments, we continued to engage the Node.js community. We attended events, learned from our users, and provided interesting and useful information on our blog. StrongLoop began with a focus on the Node community, but we evolved to include the open-source and integration developer communities as well. While our means to connect with this community may have evolved, our focus and commitment has not.