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LoopBack is the Enterprise Node.js framework. Launch REST APIs in record time. Connect to backend data sources with minimal effort. Leverage the community. Brought to you and maintained by experts in Node.js. Based on Express and open source.



  • Create REST APIs that run locally or in the cloud with a few clicks
  • Drag-and-drop data modeling and aggregation
  • Live edit properties and test APIs from a beautiful user interface
  • Get started with Studio!


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Offline Sync and Replication

  • Offline synchronization for devices and apps with heterogenous datasources
  • Support for Oracle, SQL Server, MongoDB, MySQL and more
  • Isomorphic design front to back

Auto-Generate APIs from Data Models

  • Easily expose REST API endpoints
  • Dynamic and remote updates to your data from browsers, apps and other servers


Open Source and Extensible

  • Get the code on Github
  • Pick and choose the modules you need from the Node ecosystem

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On-premise or in the Cloud

  • Run LoopBack in your datacenter
  • Works on any cloud that supports Node


API Security & Management

  • Support for Social Logins via Passport.js
  • Authenticate apps, users and devices
  • Authorize access to protected resorces with ACLs


Model Business Data and Behavior

  • Dynamic schema-less models
  • Static schema-driven models
  • Invoke server behaviors on the client

LoopBack Architecture


Getting Started is Easy

$ npm install -g strongloop


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