Manage Node and APIs in production


StrongLoop’s Controller provides an integrated development, runtime and operations tool-chain for deploying scalable, high quality code in production.

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Process Manager

Production runtime deployment and management

  • Packaging and dependency management
  • Publish app packages to your server
  • Deploy, and re-deploy apps without downtime
  • Control run-time start/stop/restart & scaling

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Build across mutliple platforms without registry dependencies

  • Install dependencies without scripts
  • Support for bundle : modify package
  • Pack publishable archives with dependencies
  • Output .tar files usable by npm pack and npm install
  • Support for Git merge

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Log Management

Manage and correlate logs 

  • Log aggregation across multiple clustered processes
  • Create structured logs with time stamps and process tagging
  • Log to file, local and remote syslog or services like Splunk.

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Private Registry Switching

Reduce dependencies on external npm registries

  • Multiple npm registry support
  • Create/List/Remove registry configurations
  • Promote package versions across registries

Getting Started is Easy

$ npm install -g strongloop


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