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StrongLoop API Platform

Built on top of the open source LoopBack framework, the StrongLoop API Platform is the first end-to-end platform for the full API lifecycle that allows you to visually develop REST APIs in Node and get them connected to new and legacy data. In addition, the API Platform features built-in mBaaS features like push and offline sync, plus graphical tools with DevOps features for clustering, profiling and monitoring Node apps.

Tools for the Entire API Development Lifecycle




Deliver Node powered API projects faster by focusing on services and business logic instead of data and service integration.


API development tooling based on the leading Node frameworks and toolchains, plus best practices and support from Node and API development experts.

No Lock-in

StrongLoop products and projects are open source and extensible by design. Including the LoopBack and Express frameworks plus over 100 npm modules.

Omni Channel

Use the StrongLoop API Platform for multiple business channels. No need to write or maintain separate API and integration platforms for mobile, web, IoT or legacy systems.


High scalability & performance by design to meet the challenges of the evolving front-edge with a Node powered micro-services approach.


Take advantage of StrongLoop’s expertise in Node and APIs through consulting, training, certification and technical support for StrongLoop products and open source projects.

API Platform Features



A graphical UI for the StrongLoop API Platform that complements the slc command line tools for developing APIs quickly and getting them connected to data. Arc also includes tools for building, profiling and monitoring Node apps.



Quickly compose scalable APIs with LoopBack, the most popular open source Node.js framework built on top of Express that complies to the Swagger 2.0 specification.


Data & Services Integration

Easily connect your APIs to Oracle, SQL Server, MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SOAP and ATG with StrongLoop supported and community data connectors.


Mobile Backend Services

Built-in mobile services like offline sync, geopoint, social login and replication accessible via native SDKs including iOS, Android and Angular.


API Gateway

An intermediary gateway between API consumers (clients) and backend providers (API servers) that externalizes, secures, and manages APIs.


DevOps Tools

Graphical tools for debugging, profiling and tracing Node apps.


Deploy and Scale

Graphical and command line tools for building, deploying, clustering and scaling Node apps


Production Monitoring

APM capabilities like Event Loop monitoring, GC, CPU and Memory usage stats, response times and slowest endpoints either hosted or on-premise.

Getting Started is Easy

$ npm install -g strongloop


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