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We’ve made it easy to get started with LoopBack and StrongOps!
Install via npm locally or on your favorite cloud.

1. Install the StrongLoop command line tool

$ npm install -g strong-cli

2. Create and run the LoopBack sample app

$ slc example
$ cd sls-sample-app
$ slc run

3. View the sample app

4. Register at

Visit the registration page to create an account. Make sure to check your inbox and verify your email.

5. Configure the StrongOps agent

$ cd sls-sample-app
$ slc strongops

When prompted, enter the email and password you provided in Step 4. Next, restart the sample app:

$ slc run

6. Simulate load on the sample app
Open a new shell and execute:

$ cd sls-sample-app
$ node bin/create-load.js

7. View your StrongOps dashboard

You will not see any data until your application has been running for a few minutes, so please be patient!

Need detailed instructions? View the Get Started guide.

Questions? Send us an email


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