StrongLoop Management Team

Issac Roth


Issac Roth is the Chief Executive Officer of StrongLoop. Previously he led a cross-functional team that created and managed Red Hat OpenShift for its first two years, helping it to grow to over 1 million applications and recognition as the leading enterprise PaaS. OpenShift was created out of Makara, the startup where he was Co-Founder and CEO, which was acquired by Red Hat in 2010. Issac previously led a business unit at CA, Inc, was an early team member at Wily Technology, and wrote code at Cisco Systems and Red Hat.

Al Tsang


Al Tsang is a Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of StrongLoop where he is the lead architect of LoopBack, an open source Node.js framework for creating enterprise APIs and applications, in addition to leading overall product direction and development. Al was formerly VP of Architecture and Platform Engineering at Shutterfly where he architected Shutterfly’s next generation web-scale platform and mobile backend among other things. Al later also inherited Shutterfly eCommerce engineering and was responsible for the business critical ecommerce platform powering over $500M in revenue.

Jimmy Guerrero

VP Marketing and Community

Jimmy Guerrero is the VP of Marketing and Community at StrongLoop. He is a veteran of the open source and Cloud shifts in IT having worked at MySQL and Red Hat. Jimmy has built communities around open source projects, done technical marketing to developers and devised innovative lead generation programs for over 15 years.

Sumitha Nathan

VP Customer Success

Making sure customers thrive with their Node and Mobile projects is what Sumitha lives for. As VP Customer Success at StrongLoop, she is thrilled every day to encounter the rich experiences companies are bringing forth. As the founding force behind the Node Republic, Sumitha draws on her experience from Red Hat OpenShift, Centrify, Wily Technology and Marimba.

Raymond Feng

Co-Founder, Architect

Raymond Feng was working on Apache Tuscany when he wrote his first Node code and caught the bug. As Architect he works on StrongNode, StrongOps, and LoopBack, trying hard to make the developer experience better and leveraging his many years as an enterprise Java developer at IBM to mature Node to an enterprise-grade solution.

Bert Belder

Co-Founder, Node Core Contributor

Bert Belder has been hacking on Node.js since 2010, and he is also one of the principal authors of libuv which is the library on which Node.js is built. In addition to his roles in technical leadership at StrongLoop and in Node core, he’s working on features that will let Node be on the forefront of innovation even after version 1.0 comes out.

Ben Noordhuis

Co-Founder, Node Core Contributor

Ben Noordhuis has been working on Node.js core since signing on with Ryan Dahl in 2010. He spends his days coding, debugging and benchmarking to constantly improve Node core. One of the most prolific Node core developers, Ben is responsible for a large percentage of the code in Node.js and libuv as of September 2013.

John Higgins

VP Business Development

Higgins has held numerous executive management positions responsible for new business model deployments and dynamic market penetration. Most recently, he served as a business and corporate development sales executive at AppFog (now CenturyLink) where he built out an cloud ecosystem to support a bottom up go-to-market strategy. Prior to his position at AppFog, he held executive positions at, Coupa Software, Sigma Dynamics (now Oracle) and Siperian (now Informatica).

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