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With StrongLoop API Server you

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$ npm install -g strongloop


Isomorphic JavaScript
on the frontend and backend
Use JavaScript to develop
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Big brands rely on Node

Why Node?

Node is for getting projects done quickly, to leverage the broad knowledge of JavaScript, and to scale to the massive concurrency needed for Mobile, IoT and next-generation web APIs. Welcome to the future.

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Big brands choose Node

In the five years since its debut, Node has gone from a language inspired by the desire for websites to support push notifications, to a language that is now powering some of most innovative solutions at companies of all sizes. The proliferation of mobile apps plus the need to connect them to data and services via APIs has driven Node’s adoption across the enterprise.

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Why StrongLoop?

At StrongLoop we don’t just build products with Node, we help create it. Co-founded in 2013 by core commiters Bert Belder and Ben Noordhuis, StrongLoop now employs the most active developers contributing to Node. With over 420 commits and 630,000 lines of code , StrongLoop is the largest individual and corporate sponsor to deliver functionality, bug fixes and performance optimizations to the latest release.

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How StrongLoop can help

The StrongLoop API Server makes developing, deploying, monitoring and scaling Node.js in production easy. Here’s what’s inside:

LoopBack - an open source API framework powered by Node for quickly creating APIs.

Mobile Backend-as-a-Service - quickly stand up on-premise services like push, offline sync and geopoint to support enterprise mobile apps.

Connectors - use Node to start interfacing with Oracle, SQL Server, MongoDB, SOAP and other datasources both in the datacenter and in the cloud.

Controller - easily manage your Node apps and APIs in production with debug, cluster, build & deploy, log management and registry switching capabilities.

Monitoring - gain deep insights into your production apps with an agent that enables you to display profiling and performance metrics into your preferred monitoring and data visualization tools.

Private Registry - a variety of on-premise and hosted solutions for private registries. We partner with NPM, Inc, NodeJitsu, JFrog (Artifactory) and contribute to multiple open source registry projects to craft the best solution for each situation. Our build & deploy capabilities are designed to work with these private registry and repository solutions. For more information, contact us.

Node Expertise - Take advantage of StrongLoop’s expertise in Node through training, support, certification and technical resources.

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